Wednesday, July 21, 2010

F the Kleenex

No really – there are “F”s on the Kleenex! Perfect for our Frys wedding!

Several months ago I was in Big Lots and found these:

I didn’t know what exactly I would do with them, but in the mean time I kept them in my arsenal of soon-to-be-wedding projects!

Then on weddingbee I stumbled upon another bee that put tissue packets in the envelope and made “For Your Tears of Joy” packets.  I bookmarked the page, but didn’t think much about it until yesterday when I stopped by Tuesday Morning to peruse the store.

I’m walking down the kitchen aisle (not one I normally stroll down by any means) and at the end they have lots of individual Kleenex. Most of them are cream with gold letters – very formal/traditional/grandmaish. Then at the back I see 3 packages with some pink. I take a look and sure enough, what do I see but this!

How freaking perfect?! Pink and white Kleenex with an F on them. And they were only $2.99! So I scooped them up and searched for more, but only 1 pack to be found. However it had 40 tissues so the exact amount of envelopes!

As soon as I got home I headed to the craft room with the new purchase in hand. I opened each envelope and emptied the confetti out into a zip lock bag. After I emptied all the confetti out, I then put the cute kleenex into the envelopes. They were almost the perfect fits (could a girl wish for too much?) so I had to fold the top over just slightly.

Then I added either pink buttons (purchased from the $1 aisle at Michael's) or pink retro stars (I already had these in my craft room, but they came from Hobby Lobby for $1 on the clearance aisle) to the bottom of the envelope to cover up the "Martha Stewart" logo. I used glue dots to adhere them.

Back of the envelope:

When Dave and I have pillow talk or get a little emotional about loving each other so much (which happens more than either of us will admit in public) we always say that our heart is just too full and overflowing into tears. So I’m thinking we’ll put this in a little basket by the programs with a sign that says: "In Case Your Heart Overflows & You Have Tears of Love."

So there it is. My FIRST official DIY wedding project!! How exciting!  And my favorite part, besides the fact that it's just freaking cute….the budget breakdown:

Envelopes: $4
Tissue: $3
Buttons: $1

<3 <3 <3

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  1. I love it... you are my inspiration :)