Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My favorite color: PLATINUM (but I'll take white gold)

One week in April Dave and I were looking at the calendar and noticed we didn’t have anything at all planed for Saturday, which hardly every happens. We were talking about what we should do with “free time” and he suggested we visit a little place we hear advertised on the radio all the time: Shane Co.

I almost peed my pants when he brought it up! We’ve been talking about rings and looking at them online. We’ve both built my future ring on
…and I’m sure he has more to add to the list.

I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before! So we got up early and headed out. It was a beautiful day and perfect for ring shopping. He told me that we were not buying a ring that day, only doing some research and checking what looked good on my size 8.5 ring finger.

Dave, being the simple man he is, likes the idea of a solid band with a solitaire stone. We both agreed on having a round cut, 4-prong setting. Since I like a little bit more bling I wanted to see a few other option.
*halo effect
*pave setting
*and since I was willing to compromise, a solid engagement band with a blinged out wedding band.

Once we got to Shane Co we were immediately greeted at the door and had an overall great experience. They were not pushy and she knew from the beginning we were just doing research, and she didn’t push us to the side for a high balla either. 

They don’t allow you to have any more than 3 rings out at a time, so you constantly have to narrow it down to three. Do you know how hard that is?? I wanted to keep 25 out to choose from!

What I thought would look good (a pave setting for the wedding band with a solid band for the engagement ring) looked horrible!  We compromised with our style options and both liked the idea of having some diamonds down the side on the engagement and wedding band.  

(don’t mind the fact that it’s on my pinky finger, they don’t make sample rings in a size 8, plus the prongs would be cut down and the diamond would be raised up).

Did you take pictures when you went ring shopping? Did you think something would look great on your finger, but when you tried it on it was awful?

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  1. It’s a beautiful ring, girl; you made an excellent choice! It looks like a little crown for your finger. Hihi! In my case, I always consider the 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) before I buy a diamond ring. =)

    Bridget Rossi