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The Happiest Place on Earth - Our Proposal Story

Disclaimer: If you only want to read the short version of the engagement just skip down to The Proposal part of the story!

The Back Story:
 As many of you know Dave and I have been planning our wedding for quite some time now. We’ve visited several ring stores, started our knot.com profile and I stalk weddingbee on a daily basis. The one thing Dave was totally in charge of was my ring and the proposal. Hey, I get to be totally in charge of all the wedding planning, so it works for me! :)

It all started last December, 2009, when we stopped by some ring store in the mall. Clearly we had no idea what we were looking for, but they gave us a Ring 101 Book with all the basic information and I was overwhelmed with the thought of getting engaged. Over the next few months we visited Shane Co., Jared, D. Gellar & Sons and our last stop was Solomon Brothers. I picked out a few settings at each and we decided on a round cut center diamond. Besides that, I was out of the loop of any ring and proposal top-secret information.

In September Dave asked my dad for permission for us to get engaged. ::side note: there will be an entire blog about this later, including photos and a video, so check back for the hilarious story of how this went down!::

In the middle of October Dave asked if we could take a few days off at the beginning of December (a Wednesday – Friday) to spend some holiday time together. I get a lot of time off between Christmas and New Year’s, but Dave only gets 2 days so we thought it would be good for us to make sure we spent some QT together. Over the next 2 months I kept asking about planning something or if we wanted to take a day trip, but Dave was very elusive about it and said he just wanted to spend time on the couch watching red box movies and putting up our new Christmas tree together.  Until the Sunday before I had no intentions of doing anything but that.

Last Sunday I tried to make plans to see my new personal trainer sometime during our time off and Dave asked me not to do that. Then he spilled a little bit of info saying he did have something planned, but he wouldn’t tell me any other tidbits until Monday night. My hint on Monday was that I needed to pack a lunch on the go and that what he had planned was part of my Christmas gift. Instantly, the thought in my mind was: “Could this be?? Dave has a secret trip planned?! AHHH! YAY. Wait, calm down Billie…don’t get too excited. This could just be a day trip and nothing more than Dave trying to be sweet and romantic like he always is. Okay, I’m calm now. Get back to the conversation and try to act normal.” I think I successfully acted normal over the next few days.

Tuesday I got home from work late. I really wanted to rush in the door and say “TELL ME, TELL ME! I’m ready to know!” but instead I played it cool and asked about his day, what to cook for dinner, etc. Then finally after 30 minutes I could not handle it any more. Very coyly I asked, so can I get my other hint about our trip? Dave made me close my eyes and hold out my hands. He put a small card wrapped in holiday paper in my hands. I opened it and what did I see? THIS:

HOT DAMN, We’re going to Disney World!!
“No way! Are you serious? Is this for real? I’ve never been to Disney World Before! Really? When? OMG I need to pack…we are leaving in the morning…oh I need to get busy!” Then lots of hugs and kisses and chaos trying to get ready! 

The Trip:
I'll save the story on the trip for the next blog...keep reading for the good stuff!

The Proposal:
Friday morning I woke up at 4:30am to use the bathroom. I couldn’t go back to sleep because all I could think about was seeing the princesses that day…haha, just kidding. I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was wondering if Dave was going to propose. We were going to the Magic Kingdom and it is the happiest place on earth! What if this was the last morning I woke up without a ring? What if the day I’ve been dreaming about for over a year now was actually going to happen? What if today I get to say YES to the man of my dreams?? Oh, how my gears were turning. It took me over an hour and a half to fall back asleep! :) And I’m not going to lie…when he was in the shower that morning the thought of snooping in his bag did cross my mind once or twice. But don’t worry, I refrained and controlled my self for the 6 mins he was gone.

We had planned on getting to The Magic Kingdom as soon as it opened. We knew all those crazy parents, strollers and seven year olds would start taking over around lunch. Dave kept asking if I had the camera, did we have the photo pass…made me walk on his right side not left (I thought it was because his tattoo was still new and he didn’t want me to hit it!). We decided to go straight to ToonTown because that is where all the characters are. We got there at 9:30 and I looked over and asked if he wanted to ride the teacups while we waited since they didn’t open until 10. His answer, “No Way, I want to wait in line and get this over with!” I gave him a funny look and he immediately starting back tracking…”I mean seeing the princesses and fairies!” So he asked me what I wanted to do first and if we should see Mickey first. Of course not…I want to see the princesses! I have been waiting 25 years to do this you know! (not to mention that he had been waiting 31 years for the upcoming moment.) So they opened up early and I was the only person over the age of 8 taking pics with the princesses…oh that’s right. I’m gangsta with Belle! 

 After that we headed over to see Mickey and Minnie. There was only a short line so we waited until the opened. We were at the end of the 2nd group they took back. They asked me how many were in my party and I said 2 and proceeded to walk down the hall to see the stars of Disney World. Little did I know how fast Dave’s heart was racing as he whispered to the cast member that he was going to propose. Once we got up to the front of the line Dave said he would take a pic of just me first.

Then he asked Mickey if he would mind getting down on one knee and pretend to propose to me. Mickey pointed at Minnie and she shook her head NO! Obviously caught of guard, Dave asked if Mickey would mind if he did it. The next thing I know Dave is on one knee pulling a small black box out of his pocket! I was shocked…really, see my face!

He said that he loved me with his whole heart and wanted to spend his life with me. At this point he started tearing up and took a few seconds. (Me…still in shock!)

Dave said that we were in the happiest place on earth and would I make him the happiest man on the earth by being his wife!! With no hesitation OF COURSE! Kisses and a big YES! Then more kisses and hugs and ‘are you serious’ and finally putting on the amazing ring! 

I was still in shock. Mickey and Minnie hugged us and Mickey shook Dave’s hand. We wiped away the tears and took a nice group shot of the 4 of us. Then our time with them was over. We somehow managed to walk outside. I think we stood in the same place for 10 minutes – I just couldn’t move! 

 Dave told me he had been planning this since July and had actually bought my ring one week after we left Solomon Brothers (in AUGUST!). During the proposal I tried to take it all in, but it still went by SO fast. Dave felt the same way. While we were standing outside he said he couldn’t even remember what he said, but here is what he wanted to say….

“Honey Bunny, I have a confession to make.   I didn’t plan this a little over a month ago, I actually have been planning this since July.  You know that I love you with all my heart and since we’re in the happiest place on earth, Disney World, will you make me the happiest man on earth, make my dream come true and say you’ll marry me?  Merry Christmas, baby.”

God, I love this man. It was perfect! After the excitement and realization set in I started to cry. I asked who all knew and how relieved he felt now that it was finally over. We sat on a bench and talked about how we were going to tell everyone. I wanted to wait and tell my family in person. So we decided to go to their house the next day right after we left Orlando. That would give us a full day to celebrate the two of us and let it set in that we were finally engaged. The rest of the day I had to avoid talking to Opal or Laura, because otherwise I would have spilled the beans in about 10 seconds! We walked around the Magic Kingdom (very slowly since Dave’s “part was finally done and he could relax after 5 months,” took several other photos and talked about our future together. It was by far the most magical, unforgettable, and perfect day in my life! <3 

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