Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lola's Photo Shoots

In case you are wondering, Lola is my Engagement Ring. That's right...I gave her a name. I'm pretty sure that is normal for any girl who gets the ring of her dreams! She even has a cute little cupcake that she sleeps in at night. (that's normal too, right?!)

I won't go in to all the details about how we selected the ring, but I will show you how talented Jan and Matt are, plus how beautiful my ring is.

These are courtsey of my wonderful coworker and friend, Janet Crocker:

And here are a few from Matt Smith. He brought in a special lens, set up the tri-pod and all. It really became a group effort as Steve (my wedding day photographer ::more on this next week::) was a wonderful Art Director and supplied a desk right next to the window so we could get the best light.

These are pantones...not paint chips! ;)

If you are drooling (or tearing up like I did) and want to see more check out his website. Password is billie

I am so thankful to work with such great, wonderful, talented people! and I could not love my ring any more! Now the hard part...which is your favorite?!

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